Dienstag, 29. Mai 2007

hey...this are some Inspirationals for another pitch too. I got a lots of liberties, because they don't know what they won't.
They like to see 2 tiny several Characters, a boy and a girl whoes living under children's bed and have a lots of fun. Their constant companion, their pet, is a little bug. He has no character, he is only a pet. (I like this character most of all)
This was a cool way to do designs.
Unfortunately they choose nothing. They choose a nother great design by a great Artist. (lovely greetings to Berlin ;0)
But never mind, I had have fun with them.


Max Lang hat gesagt…

tolle arbeit, ganz die mischi :)

suppenhuhn hat gesagt…

hach ja.... schöööön!! wie immer, näch?

dicken knutsch

- j. :-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Super Mischi!!!!! Viele dicke Grüße vom Michi & vom Heiko!!!